All land sales are pending legislative approval of SB44. Sales will be scheduled later this spring. To be placed on a notification list please contact School and Public Lands and you will be contacted when the sales are scheduled

SDSU Volga Grasslands Property

Appraisal of SDSU Volga grasslands property and house and 7.3 acres to be sold as separate tracts

Wetland Easement on the Property

Grassland Easement on the Property

Former Highmore Research Station- Farm land and house site to be sold as separate tracts

Appraisal of Highmore Property

Box Elder Proposed Land Sale

Box Elder Appraisal

West River Ag Center- Rapid City, Fountain Hills for SDSU

Appraisal- West River Ag Center

SDSU Highway 14 Bypass Property

Appraisal of Highway 14 Bypass Property


Trust designation

McCrory Gardens Appraisal- Property not for sale. Appraised for purposes of putting into perpetual trust.

Contact: Mike Lauritsen, Deputy Commissioner of School and Public Lands, 605-773-3303 or