Aurora County Auction: October 10th, 11:00 AM at Aurora County Couthouse

Sale is 10% down the day of sale and the remainder due within 60 days. Closing must be more than 60 days after the sale according to the state constitution.

General Sale Information Sheet

Appraisal Report: Note: This appraisal contains both a Property A and B. Property A is the main campus that is already sold. Property B is the 100 acre hayfield.
Property A was sold previously. Only reference information on Property B. The east parcel and 100 acre hayfield.

New Survey- Property will have a deed reservation for existing lines and lagoon. The lagoon is fenced and not frequently used but is needed for MOU with the city.

MOU with city on Lagoon

Easement Information

Original Sewer Lagoon Easement


Contact: Mike Lauritsen, Deputy Commissioner of School and Public Lands, 605-773-3303 or