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Office of School & Public Lands Duties and Responsibilities:

  • $300 million Permanent Trust Fund

  • Apportions approximately $12.0 million dollars annually to the state’s school districts and endowed institutions

  • Issues and maintains over 2,880 grazing leases for 750,000+ acres of trust land. Of those leases, there are currently 1,200 lease holders

  • Inspects and repairs 98 state owned CCC and WPA Dams

  • Manages 5.2 million mineral acres

  • Issues and monitors all mineral leases for the State

  • Controls noxious weeds on school and public lands, state-owned dams and meandered lakes

  • Records land transactions for easements on right-of-ways and state-owned lands

  • Receipting and accounting of about $9 million annually for payments on contracts, grazing, oil, gas, and mineral leases

  • Serves as the state’s real estate agency by purchasing and selling property as requested by the legislature or other state agencies

  • Issues Seismic Permits on state-owned mineral acres

  • As of December 2017 we have 85 leases with producing wells

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